Confidentiality Agreement

By completing the online Confidentiality Agreement and registering as a prospect, you will gain full access to all of the information on this website. Moreover, in the future, you will be alerted as soon as a new listing comes into our office, via our exclusive, "E-Bulletin" email program. The information you provide will be automatically matched to the information of every new listing input into our computer database. So make sure that your information accurately reflects your buying criteria.

Please read the confidentiality agreement and complete the form below to receive a username and password for this site. Upon our receipt of a completed agreement, Bielat Santore & Company will e-mail you your username and password which can be utilized to access the exclusive sections and information provided on this web site. Thank you.

This Confidentiality Agreement will confirm our mutual understanding in connection with Bielat Santore & Company ("BSC") providing, and your receipt of information regarding business and/or property opportunities ("Listing(s)").

  • "Information" means all oral, written and/or electronic data, reports, records or materials obtained from BSC.
  • Information is being furnished solely in connection with your consideration of the acquisition of the Listing(s)and shall be treated as "confidential" and no portion of it shall be disclosed to others, except to those whose knowledge of the information is required for you to evaluate the Listing(s)as a potential acquisition and who shall assume the same obligations as you under this Agreement. The undersigned hereby assumes full responsibility for the compliance of such persons to the terms of this Agreement.
  • The undersigned hereby represents that it is acting on behalf of itself as a principal. The undersigned understands that BSC has a fiduciary relationship with the Seller only.
  • All communications and further inquiries shall be through BSC regarding this Listing(s)or any other future Listings that may be introduced to the undersigned by BSC. Any attempt to breach this mutual understanding or to circumvent BSC's agreement with Seller shall be actionable at law for tortuous interference with said agreement.
  • It is understood that: a) no representation or warranties are being made as to the completeness or accuracy of any information; and b) any and all representations and warranties shall be made solely by the Listing(s) in a signed acquisition agreement or purchase contract, and then be subject to the provisions thereof.
  • The undersigned acknowledges the responsibility to perform a due diligence review at its own cost and expense prior to any acquisition, to the extent the undersigned deems necessary. The undersigned hereby agrees that in the event its signature below is obtained via a facsimile transmission, said signature shall be deemed legally binding, as it would have been if the signature had been obtained in person.
  • The respective obligations of the parties under this Agreement shall survive this Agreement.

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