Richard Santore

Mr. Santore is a partner in Bielat Santore & Company a leading commercial real estate brokerage and land development firm based in Allenhurst, New Jersey.

Mr. Santore began his career in real estate as a computer systems analyst, and in 1982 helped launch a public company, Data Realty, Inc. In his role with Data Realty, Mr. Santore designed a number of business systems and directed a team of programmers in developing software solutions that enabled the complete automation of a commercial real estate business. Following several years working within the technology sphere of the business, Mr. Santore took over as Sales Manager for the company and in that capacity was predominantly responsible for selling Data Realty's software solutions to many of the largest commercial real estate corporations throughout New Jersey and New York.

After acquiring his New Jersey Real Estate Sales License in 1986, Mr. Santore left Data Realty and began working full time in the commercial real estate and development business. In 1991, he obtained his New Jersey Real Estate Broker's License and became a partner in Bielat Santore & Company. Utilizing the state-of the-art software he created and maintains, Bielat Santore & Company has been responsible for the sale of well over $500 million dollars in commercial real estate transactions, primarily in the food and beverage hospitality industry. Additionally, Bielat Santore & Company has assembled, entitled and financed in excess of $1 billion in residential and commercial real estate development projects.